Broken Bangles

Sun was over the head in the lukewarm of Month May few days are only left for the summer vacation Krissh came back from the school to home no sooner he in warded inside the house he threw his bag over the sofa and shoes to his left side in fury and sat on the floor with the forlorn face. His mom came from inside the kitchen seen Krissh’s dishearten portico and thrown bag over the sofa. She was astonished to see thrown bag over the sofa and Krissh’s sad expression because before that Krissh never showed that kind of trash behavior. Krissh mom’s went nearby him ‘What happened beta? Snubbing sweat from his visage by her saree pallu ‘Are you all right son?
Krissh Started crying holding his mother tightly ‘Mom I lost my pencil box which you have given on my birthday it was my favorite, my 7th birthday gift’ Krissh thuds with the moaned neck.
‘Please don’t cry beta I will bring new one for you’ Mom said gripping his son even more firmly.

Next day in the morning Krissh was getting ready for his school he was keeping his books and copy according to his school routine meanwhile he founds a box in his bag which was wrapped in a red color paper he further open it and founds a pencil box which was of same type and of same color which his mother has given on his 7th birthday. Krissh’s mood becomes elated and his veins got filled with happiness after seeing the pencil box. He ran holding the pencil box to show his mom he founds her in the kitchen filling his lunch box.
‘Maa see I got back my fav box again’ He said with grinned expression showing his box ‘Mom but I don’t know who kept it back in my box? Krissh asked with utmost cuteness.
‘Might be Bhagwan ji has kept back in your bag’ His mom said kissing his forehead.
‘Thank you bhagwan ji’ Krissh said looking up and took his lunch box from his mother and left for his school.

In the noon time Krissh came back from the school. As he moved inside his home he saw in the dining hall there are pieces of broken bangles were spread with different colors on the floor. He was puzzled with this scenario abruptly he heard.
‘Krissh don’t come here be there only my bangles are broken let me clear it first’ his mom said. Krissh restricted his walk and remained there at his position till the floor was left with no pieces of broken bangles.
‘How did it happen? Krissh asked his mom.
‘I was taking my make up box from one room to another room lost my balance and dropped the box’ his mom said in melancholy ‘Lost my favorite sets of bangles it was given by my mother I broke my mother’s last gift’
Krissh sees his mom so intensely disturbed for the first time. His mother was disheartened, stabbed and fragile Krissh had never seen his mom in such awful condition he decided to make his mother happy. He decided to gift new bangles to his mom.
Krissh asked for the pocket money from his dad after getting the bucks he went to a bangle shop to buy a new set of bangle for his mother. But Krissh’s luck stabbed him back his money was not sufficient enough to buy the new set of bangle he returned back to home flippantly with absolutely obsolete.

Next day he went to school he was sad his friend Rohit asked him.
‘Why are you so sad today?
‘Rohit I want to gift my mom a set of bangle but I don’t have the money kuch idea dena paisa kaha se lao’ Krissh asked his 7 years old friend Rohit.
‘Pray and asked from god he will give you’ Rohit said ‘My mom always say Bhagwan se kuch bhi sacche dil se mango toh mil jata hai I have prayed from god for my psp and next day I found money in my piggy bank’
‘Today I will also pray then’ Krissh said.

After reaching home from school Krissh directly went inside the worship room of his house and prayed from god “Please god give me some rupee to buy the bangles for my mom please god mera piggy bank mai paisa aa jaye”

Next day when Krissh checked his piggy bank he founds extra money in his piggy bank. He thanked god and picked the money from his piggy bank and went to bangle’s shop and bought new bangles for his mom and gift it to his mother.
His mother cried while taking bangles from Krissh, she kissed his forehead and folded Krissh in her arms.
‘You know maa Bhagwan ji had kept money in my piggy bank to get the new bangles for you I wished and I get it’ Krissh said
‘Love you beta’ his mom said

Flash back
One day before when Krissh came back from school and directly went inside his home worship room to pray from god for the money, while Krissh was praying from god his mom was passing by there, she heard him praying for the money in his piggy bank.
His mom only kept the Money in his ki piggy bank which Krissh thinks that it was kept by the god.
So now the questions are that.
God cannot be everywhere so he sent mom as our god?
Mothers are god?
God is mother?
All the above points.

By Kumar Kaustubh

“All the above points” 


and even more than that..God has multiple dad..frnds family strangers and me also.

Well expressed and today I felt what is your actual perse..the style your novels may this one..wonderful narration..

It creates movie for eyes which read.

Keep it up !

Keep scribbling!

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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