The looser rose

Every one was attracted to her

To only few she also got attracted

but none actually picked her

The one who picked also 

forgot to clean her thrones 

and was himself hurt

The looser rose

to whom everyone loved 

and who was everyones favourite

never understood

what was love 

The looser rose lost nothing

 and nothing she gained

only she knew now

multiple expressions of pain

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


16 thoughts on “The looser rose

      1. Keep it up dear and study hard.
        In the garden, at a corner
        Delved the small flower pot
        With a leafless stem in it
        It, no one ever have a thought

        Slowly the sapling grew
        Amidst the big fruit trees
        Their leaves became it’s manure
        And in length it did increase

        But the growth was only
        Height, leaves and thorns
        And in the beautiful garden
        It drew, spiteful scorns

        To God, forth he
        Put its complaint
        Why it’s ugly and
        Why it gives pain ( to every one with thorns)

        To the query the
        Almighty smiled
        Have patience dear
        You will be ready soon my child

        And one day just before
        The fiery sun rose
        On the plant bloomed
        A reddish pink rose

        And fragrance spread
        To all corners of the place
        It’s beauty provided
        Every eyes the solace

        And it was loved now
        By every one who saw
        many wanted to pluck
        But got pricked at the paws

        Now it understood
        The reasons for thorns
        One you need to assure
        Who is worthy to have you adorned

        And believe me dear
        When these words I say
        In the pot, not lose
        But a winner rose lays.

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