Standing on the path having two different directions, If I go for first road then second will be left unexplored, And if I choose for second I feel like betraying first one, But the choice between two roads are curtailing my steps, I want to explore both roads but that’s not possible, And choice of … Continue reading Dilemma


He came like a naughty kid with red cherries on his cheeks with artificial moustache  and the shy smile on his face with a red cap having a rope and bell tied Dressed in filthy colourful clothes in a pure comic manner hiding in her mother’s torn sweaty sari Looked upon everyone slightly His mother … Continue reading Natt

Travel bug

Sitting on station suddenly platform vibrates and wagon for my love arrives,  Yes journey is my love, travelling is my lust,  my veins fills with excitement and heart fills with peace just by wondering to wander. Sitting on the window seat leaving the crowd aside,  enjoying the scene outside,  Chuckling with the beauty of nature … Continue reading Travel bug

The looser rose

Every one was attracted to her To only few she also got attracted but none actually picked her The one who picked also  forgot to clean her thrones  and was himself hurt The looser rose to whom everyone loved  and who was everyones favourite never understood what was love  The looser rose lost nothing  and … Continue reading The looser rose