Pen says…

​ I inscribe you, I describe you
Without me you are nothing in this world
Yes I know I am replaced by luxurious keypads but still…….

I am mightier than a sword.
I am the one to give your thoughts, life to survive in memories and fly whole world with all the letters and your views.
You are nothing without me or incomplete without me,

 I  am the one to describe your feelings on sheets or piece of paper with magical words which touches deep into ones heart.
I have power to build or destroy anything that is the reason I am kept near the heart.
By inking your signature I give you identity which can’t be done by anything else.
I was in the time of your hardships and struggles. I was the one to reveal your thoughts through words. 

I was the only one to enjoy the journey of your success.
I describe you , I inscribe you , I am your best friend , your secret keeper and your mind reader.
And you recognize friend poet , I am your pen.


Yes! definitely and everyone in oye_scribblers can relate to it.

and even if they are replaced now by keypads,they mean the same to the writers..may be we can say pens are ancestors of keypad who get happy being replaced by the younger generation.

At least the younger generation is keeping their spirit alive.

It is giving us identity and relief to our hearts also.

Good one👍👏

Keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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