Let me be myself for a while
Since childhood everyone was pillar for me
Let me become the pillar of myself
Let me taste the dust of my life
Leave me alone in this cruel world,
So that I can become known to this world…..

I know my decisions may be wrong
But let me learn from my mistakes
I am not against everyone,
I like to be different from everyone
I would like to stand alone in this journey,
I know I will fall but I will also learn to step stones of my success….

Hurting everyone is not my intention
But hurting me will be a crime to my soul
I have different relations and plenty of expectations….
I am my mom’s beastie and my daddy’s world
but for myself I am the bird who likes to fly in opposite direction…

I will laugh cry stand fall but all in my own way
Without any pretend
Let me be myself for a while…


beautiful 👍

and first of all welcome tinkershiwi (Shiwani kumar) to our place.

The independence you want to seek is vissible from your write up and quite a common expression which everyone get once we get out from house and face the world outside in first year of our college.

And don’t worry you will manage it well
“I will laugh cry stand fall but all in my own way
Without any pretend
Let me be myself for a while…”

not for a while,you have to learn be yourself always from now making everyone comfortable and be pillar for yourself and also a pillar for everyone else in the family.

and you will do it.👍

Its nice to see you scribbling with so much interest.

Keep this momentum shiwi and keep scribbling!

Happy reading readers.

Yours loving warrior


8 thoughts on “JOURNEY OF A BIRD

  1. Welcome shiwi to our world….!!!

    Its a very powerful thought that you want to fly high in the sky… And your intentions are very clear that you don’t wanna hurt anyone….

    But never try to be alone…
    You always need friends family

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