Deafening Silence 

There are countless nights

When I couldn’t sleep

And those nights are those

In which you silently weep

And just a ping from me

Would lighten your heart

And a lot of solace to you

It’d impart

But a message at this point

Would make you weak

And though we loved borderless 

There are boundaries we can’t speak ( of)

And a Weaker you

I always hate to see

It would be  much abominal 

If that is ‘coz of me

And in next morning when

You ping without fail

I know Some narratives ( in life)

You can’t curtail

We start conversations

With hello and hi

And speak a lot of lies

Before saying good bye

Neither you confessed

Nor ever I did speak

Calling each others best friend

Often did the trick.

Still those messages

That affectionate scorn

The lovely discussions we had

Sometimes to me it haunts

We loved each other mutually

And enjoyed time together

And together we are in

Being apart and suffer

Still she has one privilege

I’m deprived off

As when she misses me

She still can leak a drop

But simple it might look

For me it is an arduous task

For remembering her means

Various emotions I have to mask

As to weep I must

Miss her and should be sad

Or at least her memories

Should make eyes wet and red

But what to do when Her name

brings a smile on my face

And with blushing eyes

Her memories I embrace

So whatever the destiny wants

It’s for God to define

Till then I’m happy to be

In my side of line .


After  miki’s “silent roar“..the sequal deafening silence which also appears like sequal to mine “Yes,always!”(may be it could be from the other side of yes always)

Well expressed Prankies👌

Sometimes it gets too tough for me to comment.This is one among those times.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


6 thoughts on “Deafening Silence 

  1. Thank You Warrior for a delightful write up as a foot note for the poem. This poem is a sequel to True love , mutual breakups Yes always and silence roar as well. But It just came out after reading Miki,s poem. I could not hold myself from writing it. Thanks a lot miki and warrior for your wonderful poems. As you talked of other side warrior, it is true that man and woman mostly dont think alike and sometimes we are prejudiced towards self view. So, it certainly gives an insight what the other one is thinking being himself/herself in similar situation. One of your poem Why the change was such a poem where it made me feel the turmoils one go through the change. The change which occurs at subconscious and conscious dont like it it. The change which revolts from the earlier you and it did me a a lot of good in devising ways to deal with persons passing through this phase.


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