Life exams

Many times in life there comes a situation were you have two roads and both the roads are correct at their respective ways but are wrong at others perspective. This is the most irritative and confusing part were you don’t know to choose which path.

 This is the actual time were you have to prove your self and take desicion which would benifit your future. Benefiting your future doesn’t means to lose your present with an awkward situation. Yes ofcourse if we think for future it would oppositly or inversly affect to the present. 

I would say life is like an mathemetics exam were you know what two do but you are confused with the answer. 

Or in simplest way what is life ? It is the equation where you need to add your happines ,subtract the situation or condiotion which makes you sad, multiply the situation or condition which brighten your future and divide the condition which makes you helpless. Yes , it would be wrong while totally comparing life with maths equations because for eqations always there exists a solution but in case of life its opposite there are conditions were you don’t have appropriate solution and you fail to pass the exam. 

Exams of school after 1 or 2 attempts get cleared but there are some life exams which don’t let you pass that chapter and you have close and move forward closing  chapter with a red mark of fail. These is the time were you need to be strong enough to face that mark. Obviously the mark would break you in many pecies but there exists an other path which let you get not fully heeled but yes to make you little strong for the paths is your future.
At last just a suggestion, to protect your present which will one day turn to be your future don’t keep aside you future insight.We study to brigten our future, we keep contact to doctors for healthy future, we become social for happy future then why to go for the path which do not looks towards future happiness

Its better to cry today then to get encoutered with a broken future.

As broken Vas is not used for holding water similarly a broken person won’t be able to live a happy life. 

Don’t remain broken, become strong!

~N_Angel (Neha Asawa)


for your first paragraph..

Yes life is maths and not that simple addition substraction maths…its tough algebra vala maths where solutions you will get but you will require a variable called x..
This x is your faith

This x is your God.

He will help him in all those tough problems.Learn to take him along with your all decisions and trust me you will never be helpless and I am advicing this after trying this.

 for Paragrah 2
Red marks are necessary like that red bricks behind perfectly painted wall,you correctly said they make you strong.

for para 3 your suggestion is correct absolutely.

very late I learnt my post “to confusing souls”. 

However painful it is now..yes, your action should be only alligned to the future goals..only then you will really reach future goal and happiness or else you will land in an unplanned unstable future.
A honest scribble by you makes me more happy as it helps me read your heart.

Keep scribbling Neha!

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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