I was looking both of them both were busy in their talk I felt like I was in some other house. One moment I was looking to Sneha one moment I was looking to my mom. But unfortunately they both have totally ignored me. I felt asleep I lied over the sofa. Suddenly mom howls
‘Karan why did you gift Duppata to Bulbul’ I woke up abruptly ‘I rubbed my eyes I yawned like elephant.
‘Yes Karan even I also want know why you have gifted me Duppata only’
I said nothing I stood up and took my way to wash room. Washed my face and come back in front to two judges of my life mom and Bulbul.
‘Yes my dears why you both want to ask’ I said tranquil Yawning.
‘Why you have gifted only a red scarf to Vandana? Mom asked
‘Yes why? Bulbul nodded with my mom.
I said ‘Because whenever Bulbul will be under sun my gifted scarf will protect her from sunny rays
whenever there will be sandy weather my given Duppata will defend her from dust.
Whenever Bulbul will go to temple she will took the Duppata on her head and blessing from almighty will pass from my given scarf’
I was saying all this with downed head by the time I raised my head I saw my mom was having tears in her eyes and Bulbulwas had clutched my given Scarf tightly and was looking at me constantly.


  • Kumar Kaustubh

Those gifts are priceless which are given by heart and not mind. 

Even that used kurti of my friend is a gift to me which she gave me at last day of our hostel because that was the kurti I used to say her whenever she used to wear it that this one is so pretty,I also want such a kurti.

Well described duppatta,the dream gift, it shows importance of gifts in relationships.So, much can gifts do,prices hardly matters,it is the intention which make them priceless.

Keep scribbling Mr. Passionate 

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


One thought on “Duppata

  1. Gifts are always priceless….!!!!
    And if they are full of blessings and goodness of love… Nothing can be more beautiful then that …!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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