❤Mitanjali❤(My favourite love story)

First meeting

“ruk aaram se “he holded my hand and helped me cross the road.

For me it wasn’t a big deal

but my bestie who was standing near the divider had noticed all this with zeal.

“Kitta caring hai tera bhai” She had said

This is how the first time Mitesh and Anjali coincidently met

Nor that meeting and nor that free lunch was at all planned but may be the almighty was executing his plan.

Friends cum lovers

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they had not met, then I feel their meeting would have found another performance set

as they were perfectly matched and send by God.. destined to be met , this coincidence was just to open their journey net

Yes ! they were perfectly matched and love happened when their hearts got hatched

These two spritual souls, almighty resides in both souls when merged their goals, their happiness became infinite

Their infinite love and support and infinite care was awesome and rare,both from start were equally caring for me

and it all doubled when they became companions who shared it to infinite

the pains turned into happiness when they came close,My eyes (Naina) has witnessed their love dose.

and those staring eyes had capured those winged eyeliner in the first meet itself,as if that day he had discovered himself

and these perfectly matched ,who were made to handle each other with trust, became friends first 

and then this friendship ended as love and friends became lovers,now their love waited to meet for forever.
Families meet

Well the prince and princess,their love was not enough ,the kingdoms were yet to be met

and finally everything was planned and these two who met unplanned were now planning their families first meet and again I witnessed their heart beats

everyone already had agreed to their love but yes the both were infinitely nervous as the families were yet to be met

Well! with God’s grace everything just went perfect , not mitesh and anjali,now officially mitanjali exists.

“Tu soch le abi bhi, joint family joint family hi rahegi” He questioned when everyone insisted him to speak 

The weirdest look she gave and laughed everyone seeing the chemistry in which mitanjali exists.

Everyone agreed to her infinite trust and his genuine responsible attitude

No one could object their oneness and solitude

few hours to be fiance

Well! first official  chapter just has now few hours to begin,

Mitanjali,my favourite love story will again see the beginning in each others eyes lane

So, literally today  when Mitesh(satisfied love) will fall again for Anjali ( gesture to hold in hands) , Naina(eyes) will again be the witness,and its unbelievable for all 3 of us,its like the sweetest dream turning true

Yes! today its happening and I really feel that time flies and memories glues

Now my perfect pair will turn ‘would be husband ‘ and ‘would be wife’

Wish you both energy of entire universe throughout your life and keep being my positive vibe.

Stay blessed bhai and now officially my bhabhijaan💕💕💕

Engagement mubarak to both of you,and its impossible for the witness to keep mouth shut😉😆

Now after reading this 

Kindly don’t message me ifs and but🤣

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


adding this reply because this means to me….. Luv u bhai!

4 thoughts on “❤Mitanjali❤(My favourite love story)

  1. Hey author, Warrior Naina

    Vry gud assemblence of the words…..

     Jo pdhega wo ek Baar k liye doob zaroor jayega in ur story.
    Really very nice, , 👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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