“The Man of Honour”

To the man of values..

The values which were never compromised..  


To the phenomenal writer..

who translated the Holy book of   “RAMAYANA”  and “AKHAND JYOTI”..
To the person of satisfaction..

With whatever he had..
To the person of belief.. 

Which made his generations believe in themselves..
To the example of perfect companion..

Who even shared the slice of mango with her..
To the person of dreams..

Who turned his dream to reality..

The dream of becoming a great professor..                    

To the fighter..

Even the deadliest virus couldnt lower his strength..


To the legend..

Whose life is itself an inspiration..  
To the man of honour..

Who didnt accept any favour..

Till his last breathe..    
To the man of blessings..

With which his world is smiling..
From- his dearest doll..

Love u Babaji

Bless us frm wherever u r

Stay blessed moonierbliss..

and lots of peace to your man of honour.

your writing reflects your attachment with him.

wherever he is, he is proud to read you 

Keep scribbling anukriti 

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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