Endless knots

Those endless knots,more it gets complicated when one tries to untangle them

They create endless doubts in hearts of closed ones, when one tries to mingle them

They get tied unknowingly and then get more intense when pulled from both sides

Endless pain,Endless queries,Endless uneasiness,Endless negativity they create when one tries to ride

Really endless becomes its estimate

These misunderstanding knots…rarely get resolved and most of the times relations it break

This is how real relations turn into fake

This endless knots are created by simple act of holding on both sides and not straining strings  on time

and fogs of assumption when covers ones heart and brain,the warmth which earlier existed,in minutes get drained

Problem is we keep on trying to untangle the knot everytime and instead we end up creating more knots in each try

but solution will come only when we understand that misunderstanding can’t be solved,only new understandings can be created

So,don’t untangle those knots,just twist them and new designs must be created.

to never have any knot and have strings straight is impossible delight

and solving the knots will always have marks which will have potential to become knots left behind  

So,better its mechanics lets find

with endless frankness and no formality,knots can be retangled with better designes

endless knots cannot be ended but can be created into beautiful hooks,frank friendship will change knot looks

Endlessness cannot be avoided,so better adjust,and don’t let relations rust

Endless knots are also endless bonds if you try to see other side,Afterall those endless knots you cannot avoid.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “Endless knots

  1. Every relationship has knots… And it’s okay to have one…

    As its said… Straight line is symbol of death…..!!

    So knots are okay… But we should never stop ourself due to these knots ….
    Forget it and move on…

    Because if there is expectations then it will hurt….!! But the relationship should be same… !!!

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