Thick shake recipie…!! (Cooking scribble -1)

Instead of writing i thought of sharing with you an awesome recipe of thick shake
So let’s start:-

Ingredients (for 1 glass)

  • Oreo biscuits 5-7(chocolate flavour)
  • Powered sugar (2 t-spoon)
  • Coffee powder (1/2 t-spoon)
  • Chocolate powder (1 t-spoon)
  • Milk chilled (1 glass… if you freeze the milk an hour before it will give best result…)
  • Vanilla extract 2-3 drops (optional)
  • Fresh cream (optional)
  • Chocolate syrup (optional)
  • Mixer (to blend all stuffs)

Here we go for the steps…

  1. Put the oreos in mixer Crush them and keep small amount of crushes aside we will use it later.
  2. Now pour milk in the mixer
  3. Add coffee powder
  4. Add chocolate powder
  5. Put Powdered sugar
  6. Vanilla extract (its optional but it gives soothing smell and taste to your shake)
  7. Now blend them together for 2-3 mins

    And your thick shake is ready…

    Pour it in your serving glass…but... 

    Before that…You can decorate your glass with chocolate syrup… By pouring it in the inside walls of glass…!!(shown in image first glass)

    Put the crushed oreos over the shake.. To give it tempting look….!!!

    You can also use fresh cream above it…!!! (As shown in image 2nd glass)

    So friends… Do try it and let me know how it taste to you in the comment section below…!!

    And also upload your shake pic…! 

    Thanks & Regards                        ~virus_miki

    Well ! the taste was awesome 💕❤😍

    I was the one who tasted it…..😄😄

    Loved the taste miki😗😗

    Keep cooking miki

    Keep scribbling

    Happy reading readers

    Yours loving warrior 


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