Love story 1978

Well ! innocence existed in those times 

when 17 and 21 were 

ages of marriage and not Love

They were pure like dove

and such innocently started their love

Today she smiled and said

when I insisted and forced her to recite

the love story her heart resides

“It was marriage and then love”

She said and innocent I felt was the love

Today when they cut

40th marriage anniversary cake

their faces glow with same grace

and again innocently she said

Today more cameras surround 

us in centre stage 

when we got married

it was the eyes that witnessed

and a single camera

which took some black and white snaps

how sweetly her story  left me

with sweeter naps

They still ate together 

and celebrated the entire day

though arguments touched sometimes

and there was nothing to say

but again they adjusted 

each others schedule

showed how intense was their love fuel

Then again my brain concluded

and said to heart

Only Commitment is love sweetheart

Rest is attraction

distractions of our ages

Love story 1978 

the purity 

resided in those ages

Love stories so much I love to hear and recite

and when this involve

my people I witness happiest site

happiness and blessings 

I wish for us all

Love is always blissful afterall !

Happy anniversary Nanu Nani💕

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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