Thick shake recipie…!! (Cooking scribble -1)

Instead of writing i thought of sharing with you an awesome recipe of thick shake So let's start:- Ingredients (for 1 glass) Oreo biscuits 5-7(chocolate flavour) Powered sugar (2 t-spoon) Coffee powder (1/2 t-spoon) Chocolate powder (1 t-spoon) Milk chilled (1 glass... if you freeze the milk an hour before it will give best result...) … Continue reading Thick shake recipie…!! (Cooking scribble -1)

Love story 1978

Well ! innocence existed in those times  when 17 and 21 were  ages of marriage and not Love They were pure like dove and such innocently started their love Today she smiled and said when I insisted and forced her to recite the love story her heart resides "It was marriage and then love" She … Continue reading Love story 1978

Aazad -4

एक सांस की तलाश में मैं आहें भर रही थी बन्द कमरे में जैसे  घुटन सी हो रही थी हवा नही बस साँस चाहिए थी फरीशता भी परेशान था बंधी खुद था वो भी नहीं आजाद था फिर किसी तरह फ़रिशते ने  चाभी ली कमरे से मुझे रिहाई दी उसने मुझे आजादी दी घुटन अब … Continue reading Aazad -4