Think different😕

Hello and greetings to you….!!!
after controversy Let’s start a new game for sharing views and gaining something new …. Its “think different”

Now my scenario is… We always ask a girl(s) to stay at home after 8 or avoid going alone… We keep on saying find a company etc etc… Even for working women also we have cabs during night shifts.. And many more steps are taken by government for it…!!!

 but its all same…

So let’s think different or… अलग सोचो थोड़ा अलग सोचो  

Easiest way to save a girl at night…!! 

Ask all boys not to step
out from home after 9PM, instead asking girls to do that…!!! 

And “see the real me” i mean the real bright side of girls.. 

Give your views regarding it !!! Beacuse the society failled here thats why we listen about all cases…!!!
So do let me know.. How you think

Thanks & Regards



Nice one miki

Indeed a logical one

even I get disappointed by women’s fate when we get to hear this comments.

I wished everyone just understood their responsibilities ,then I guess 9 pm restrictions to any individual girl/boy may not be required.

Keep scribbling miki

Happy Reading readers

Yours loving warrior


6 thoughts on “Think different😕

  1. Thanks for your view…

    Yeah even i don’t want anyone to get bound

    What i want is to say is…
    Restrictions is not a solutions nor fighting for it is….

    Only thinking and judgment is solution as you stated….

    Till than we can teach self defense and other ways to save girls…!!!

    And your point atleast we can teach young generation… Is perfect

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    1. I try to avoid any generalization infront of my daughter. Once in general discussion she said ki khana to ladkiyan hi banati hai and I corrected her and made a dinner for all that day to show that responsibilities are equally divided into parents

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      1. Wow… That’s nice… Need more guys like this…. !!!

        Because no work is confined in gender…

        Its upto the what he/she might opt

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  2. Again a wonderful post miki. The post led me to do some thinking and soul searching that where are we heading as a society.
    The horrific incidents happening all over the country demeaning the very concept of humanity. My first thoughts after reading were that prohibition is never an answer to solution and I could see the point you are making that prohibition is certainly not the solution and if it has to be applied it better be on the predator rather than the victim.
    Now the thought is tantalizing enough for feminists and infuriating for the conservatives, and as per me its a negative step to counter another negative step.
    But may be you too don’t want this, you are just keeping a point of view which very emphatically emphasize your view point that why to bound the women.
    Warrior too quoted about every one understanding their responsibility and nothing truer can be said. So we have the goal we want to achieve as the warrior said to be a perfect society
    But till we get to be a near perfect society what should be our approach as the previous approaches have failed miserably.
    What I believe is that the prohibitions come from insecurities ans deficit of trust. Distrusting our own capabilities or that of our female relatives and most important distrusting the society as a whole. The society which comprises of people like us. The society which think like us behave like us. And I’d not mince my words to say that we are a Judgemental society and we see everything through lenses. Lenses we have created of our own, one for males another for females, one for ourselves one for others, different ones are also available according to the caste Creed region religion eating habits dresses facial Hairs and beliefs.
    So as we are so is the society. So to change the society, it’s for us to improve ourselves and society too.
    It is not that our society is not improving in this regard. The visible changes are coming and improving the status of women. They are becoming much more independent and confident of themselves and are keeping pace with their male counterparts. And besides they juggle their duties as mother wife daughter sister and friend with aplomb Clearly showing why they are specials and what our society wants them is as commodity.
    So herein lies the reason for insecurity that is objectification of women.
    And what is most disturbing is that both the groups described earlier as feminists and conservestives believe women as commodity. Conservatives case is clear cut that they don’t want the women’s of the house to be physical abused not trusting they ability for think for themselves. Whereas new wave of feminists think that sexual freedom and partying late night with drinks is the hallmark of an independent woman. I gingerly remember the poem ” independence” by warrior where she had very sincerely enumerated the things independence comprises of. So first of all we need to bring a change in our thinking and then proceed to change the society. Women deserves respect and unless and until we start to do it we are bound to a failed society. It’s about time when we teach the boys to respect the girls and strengthen the girls physically and mentally. And if we can’t impact our own generation at least we should try to inculcate better habits in our young ones. The young ones who are our future and the ones who learns not by our words but by our actions. The constant endeavors of our parents has brought changes and we should carry it forward to the next level so that in future our daughters need not ask this questions.

    Thanks miki for such a topic. It was certainly food for thought

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