woMAN of the house

No women in the world aspires to be the MAN OF THE HOUSE. She always wishes her man to be the best and she always wants to stay immature to be handled by her man.

May be this is the natural feminity she is blessed with…she is always more happy to be proud of her partner’s success and that pride is much above her own success.

May be boys feel the same pride when they see their girls get success(but I can’t comment because I have a women’s heart and its exactly like my mom’s and so I am commenting only from that point of view)

but all of them want to be atleast  the WOMAN OF THE HOUSE…who have equal individuality to take decisions…

give her that choice,trust me,she will choose him first or else she will convince him with logical reasons or else will get convinced but give her that ‘say’ . She deserves it and she never aspires to misuse it to dominate the man of the house because she wants him to be her man.

Everyone is equal ❤=❤

Just the woman heart’s scribble.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


4 thoughts on “woMAN of the house

  1. A good poem warrior. And it’s true men are more rationally inclined than women are but emotionally they are far inferior and one truth I understood in this small life is a woman can become man of the house but it is nearly impossible for man to become woman of the house

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  2. Perfectly expressed the feeling of a girl or a woman … Whatever or wherever she live… But always want him to be happy… Him can be…
    Her father…her brother… Her soulmate…or her kid….
    She stay quite adjust accordingly with everyone….

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    1. And you perfectly interpreted ‘him’.
      And she wants ‘him’ to be better but not to make her feel small at the same time.
      And yes adjusting is somwhere there inherently in her… always for everyone

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