The change…..!!!

We never like, if a person changes.

But we keep on saying… “Time changes and so the people…”

And also “change is rule of nature.

Same time we say “photos are good because they never change but people change…

Lets Keep the game continue without changes….!! Let me know your views in the comment section below…!!!

Thanks & Regards


If a person changes and becomes a better person,those changes are good.

But irony is  someone who have loved the earlier unchanged raw person more will never understand that the change is for good and will keep on torturing you that you are changed.

And there is no comparison of a person and photograph…one being living and other non living.

If a living being don’t change with time he will become a dead..old..boring..past is good in photos and that photos(memories) you can see and enjoy if you are living in present.Otherwise memories will only haunt you if you don’t change and have something new in present.

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


4 thoughts on “Controversy-6

  1. Wonderful thought miki and a worthy explanation warrior!
    Life is a conflict of two extremes and we delve between those extremes to find the optimum. Between good and bad, zero and one black and white, day and night, our life spreads and moves as per our destiny and our decisions.
    So such is the way of nature to produce two contrasting phenomenon and evolve something new arising from their conflict.
    Now, only thing constant in this world is change and by nature everybody is resistant to change. Now out of this struggle arises the wonderful journey of the human. The changes positive or negative depends upon the perspective and it should be our constant endeavor to bring out the best changes we can have on ourselves and prevent the good things about us from changing.
    We should be open about embracing change and also not let destiny steam roll us into submission.
    It’s like warrior’s middle spine poem or Buddha’s preaching of the middle way as a path of moderation.

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  2. Very nicely explained that we can never compare thing and human

    And as you said “humans are ment to change” if person will not change then he is dead….

    And changes should always be positive…

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