March Ahead

The black, tarred melancholy night
Neither moon, nor stars in sight
The day seems a distant past
All alone , in a world so vast
Danger lurks behind the dark
On a landscape so stark
Don’t know which way to go
Once expert now not on groove
The night seems eternal
Becoming difficult to endure
Would i survive it
Can’t tell you for sure
The cumulus in the sky
Is threatening now and then
The apathy will increase
When it’ll rain
Now perched upon a rock
Pondered over the day passed by
How true! To make hay
Whilst sun shines in the sky
A good opener , I always was
Thus start was quite brisk
But later on the momentum slipped
And march become too risqué
Sehwagisque was the start
Bludgeoned from first ball
Something happened in between
Which led to my fall
The grit and the will
Were somehow failing
Outside, I was fit as ever
It was inside, that was ailing
Still I was progressing
Although a bit slow
The tribulations seething beneath
For on , must go the show
But then came the litmus
Where I dismally faltered
Threw away all I had gained
The course I did altered
Robert frost was in my mind
When took road less traveled
Alas! Philosophy looks good in paper
That later I marveled
The twilight was nigh
The legs were shaken
So was the confidence
Still high were expectations
The thorns adorned the path
Pot holes were many
The progress was at snails pace
As hurdles were many
Stumbled then and took a fall
Down the trench I went
The will was now broken
Was now beyond maintenance
Out of several thoughts
One song off yore came to fore
And out of that apathy
It pulled me on the shore
Miserable I was
But had that slight chance
Someone’s face came to mind
And forward it made me advance
The despaired heart it was
Now filled with love agaun
The confidence and poise
I’ll surely regain
The hope is kindled again
Will not let it stifle now
Will chart a new path
The rocks will certainly bow
Often the mark one is after
One knows will never reach
But to enjoy the sojourn
Is itself a great treat
The gloom can be lifted
With exalted happiness
And no one else can give it
Except for yourselves
The reasons may be any
Just find them to smile
The hurdles may come and go
Don’t be let down even for a while
They , who love you
Might not be with you always
But to show affection
They have their ways
The destiny and destination
Might not be the same
But endeavor to unite them is
All about being human.

The destiny and destination
Might not be the same
But endeavor to unite them is
All about being human.
These lines summerises everything from courage to imperfection of being human to being satisfied


Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


7 thoughts on “March Ahead

  1. Very nicely expressed….!!!!
    Hurdles will always come in your path
    It’s only you who can put them apart….

    Find reason for smile
    As you have to go miles…..

    Liked by 1 person

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