Reverse Engineering of Happiness


The inner peace, eternal peace, Shanti, and by other sundry names we know the ‘Shangri La’ , the Holy Grail of the faith in the Indian Sub continenet.
For centuries, rather than going for other worldly acquisitions, the Indian heretics and yogis concentrated their efforts for gaining salvation and in pursuit of happiness. In way they developed various methods of meditation to achieve the much dessired destination ” Moksha” or Niravana.

Don’t get spiked up as this is not another lecture on spiritualism or a discourse on nationalism, rather this post is all about ” My Experiments with Lies”. Mahatma Gandhi’s body might have turned in the grave if he was buried on my plagurizing the title of his autobiography.
Coming back to the topic, what this inner peace is, and what does it mean to us in this overtly competitive world as we can’tgo to himalayas for the search of Nirvana.
You might have felt that there are some days on which you feel God like. The days when you have perfect start, the mind is clutter free, Every thing you do, you succeed in them and you call yourselves lucky on those days, and there are some when from the moment you wake up, you are caught on the wrong foot always. The mind is foggy and whatever decision you take results in negative outcome. So, my experiments with lies is dealing with these two extremes, and the way to tackle them.

So, Suppsoing that we all agree to the above situations, have you ever noticed that the body posture, the demeanour and the gestures undergo a hell of a trastition in above mentioned conditions, with going to extremes.
So, when I started observing my activities, I felt I can fight with all this lethargy on my own, why to depend on the luck.
Whenever I was down , the first thing which suffered was my style of walking. I’m a brisk walker at any given day and my speed dropped similar to a snail on my dark days. The smile used to evaporate and I used to become an irritable person. My ate without thinking and felt sleepy whole day and uneasy thorugh out the night. So it was all negative activities and emotions further used to push me in the vicious circle of negativity. So, I decidedd to break the loop and started my experiments with lies. Telling lies to the brain and taking its game to it. Walking fast whenever ny brain wanted it to go slow to show yes I’m still fighting and I’m happy. Doing all the things which I’d have done if I was happy, whether its my writing , my smile and many other things made me feel better, and though not all the time I enjoyed the victory lap, I certainly let the brain know who the boss is.

So, its a matter of practice and will power, to make your own good days. Try for yourselves and you’d certainly have remarkable results.

P.S. Cutting it short as the Mr Lazy in me is again regaining control over Mr Thinker bbyee


So honest,perfectly blend with humor and awesome post by Prankies.

“Let the brain know who the boss is”


Keep scribbling prankies

Keep spreading happiness 

Create it by engineering it or reverse engineering..

But Create it and be happy!

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


3 thoughts on “Reverse Engineering of Happiness

  1. Wow….!!! Even i try to do that…. I always keep on brainstorming and let the brain know that you are not always right…..!!!!

    We have to fight for it and stay happy… That’s how the life can be enjoyed ….. !!!! And it also help in making good relations with all….
    As it is always said ” happy mind is a healthy mind….”

    Liked by 2 people

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