Can’t afford loosing you

A short story….!!! Read the quoted text first than go for the images…!!! 

So start with the text please….☺☺

I exactly remember when we met

But can’t memorize when the closeness grow

One day he asked me “will you be mine” 

I was silent as i don’t know….

He said “think about it take your time”

But this time I was sure of NO

He said “Dear I respect your decision”

But soon he left me and GO

I cried and miss you whole of my life 

As I can’t afford loosing you

(Now go for images)

Hope you understand

Happy reading

Please Give your views in the comment section below…

Thanks & regards


 Oh this is a nice read !

Creatively crafted miki!

Destiny played the game from both sides while both of us were playing our parts only…!

It happens

But whatrver happens…happens for best!

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


34 thoughts on “Can’t afford loosing you

        1. Letting go is one of the most difficult thing to do but it is a necessary pain. It’s like a pain one feels when one is excercising. It pains but this pain is what makes you strong in world.

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      1. Posting a ghazal by Late Shayar Janaab Ahmed Faraz, he too echoes your sentiments……

        फिर उसी रहगुज़र* पर शायद
        हम कभी मिल सकें मगर शायद

        जान-पहचान से भी क्या होगा
        फिर भी ऐ दोस्त गौर कर! शायद

        मुंतज़िर* जिनके हम रहे उनको
        मिल गए और हमसफ़र, शायद

        अजनबियत की धुंध छट जाए
        चमक उट्ठे तेरी नज़र शायद

        ज़िन्दगी भर लहू रुलायेगी
        यादे-याराने-बेख़बर शायद

        जो भी बिछ्ड़े हैं कब मिले हैं ‘फ़राज़’
        फिर भी तू इंतज़ार कर शायद

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  1. Yeah…, its the time who win…
    Both were in love….!!!

    But firstly boy was busy in his career… When he came back.. The girl went… She wanted him to be in his life as friends for ever…. But he can’t stay as friend as he can’t see her love

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  2. What I interpretted is the girl missed the boy..
    She herself earlier rrjected proposal eith her heart somewhere had that soft corner..and the boy was missed her from start only…so this was a half story from both I commented destiny played! Did I interpret corrrctly miki??

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    1. What i get in the story is that the boy ask the girl, she is unsure, he asks again, she refuses now, he is ok with her decision and he goes away. The girl gets engaged and when he comes back she is already gone . Is it ??

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      1. If it is ike that she should be happy atleast he is back and as a friend. For one who loves with all the heart, is an asset always, whether we are on talking terms with them or not, and believe me that they always care for their loved ones ‘smile’ rather than of their own.

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        1. And maybe life had something better for both of them in the store. Most of the problems like this arise due to miscommunicaton.

          If only she knew what was in her heart,
          Or the boy continued to try for her heart
          The boy must have thought her welfare lies,
          he being away from her sight
          If only they had talked and trusted
          the ifs and buts might have busted
          Still when the destiny has played its part
          and though they are near still too much apart
          They must continue to be friends
          ‘For this is a bond with no ends

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