जातिवाद {Casteism}

चेहरा देखा नाम पूछा फिर हुई पहचान  लड़कपन के सपने आँखों में ले हम थे अनजान धीरे धीरे बातें हुई , सपनों का हुआ सम्मान   एक दूसरे का सहारा मिला, होठों पर आई मुसकान । (Happiness after falling in love) हस्ते हँसाते हम चलते गए दुनिया से अनजान पैर फिसला होश उड़े ढह गया … Continue reading जातिवाद {Casteism}


This one has made me wonder from my childhood...quite crazy one but is a controversy  When we discuss about someone we like and he/she suddenly enters the room...they say Lambi umar h teri..we just took your name And when we discuss someone we hate and he/she enters they say.. Shaitan ka naam liya shaitan hazir … Continue reading Controversy-5 

Reverse Engineering of Happiness

The inner peace, eternal peace, Shanti, and by other sundry names we know the 'Shangri La' , the Holy Grail of the faith in the Indian Sub continenet. For centuries, rather than going for other worldly acquisitions, the Indian heretics and yogis concentrated their efforts for gaining salvation and in pursuit of happiness. In way … Continue reading Reverse Engineering of Happiness

Can’t afford loosing you

A short story....!!! Read the quoted text first than go for the images...!!!  So start with the text please....☺☺ I exactly remember when we met But can't memorize when the closeness grow One day he asked me "will you be mine"  I was silent as i don't know.... He said "think about it take your … Continue reading Can’t afford loosing you