Immediate reactions

Dil se nikle reactions 

These are immediate reactions

Dimag tak pahuche hote to aise na hote

Bhadakte na hum bevajah

Na hum bevajah rote

Na bevajah yun gussa karte 

Na yun bevajha tumse ladte

Dil se nahin kaash dimag se 

Ye reactions nikle hote

Dimag kaas soch pata 

Soch ke unhe rok paata

Dil na hum tumhara dukhaate

Kash immediate reactions 

itne immediate na aate

Ab na aayenge par

Do nadan bachho ko samhalna

 humne sikh liya hai

Dil thoda hadbada tha

Use bhi thamna sikha diya hai..

Dil jab b ab kuch bolega

Bade bhaiya dimag se pehle bolega

Dimag ji ab jab permission denge

Do hi ab dil dolega

Immediate nahi 

Calculated reactions

Ab ye dil bhi bolega

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


6 thoughts on “Immediate reactions

  1. Very well said warrior and a lesson well learnt and you are now half way. As practicing it requires a lot of mental discipline.
    One thing more we should respond rather than react.

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    1. Exact same words Respond don’t react when an insect falls on your by mistake..don’t scream instead help that insect to swim out..he is equally frightened and helpless…but you can help you have more powers…you waste in reacting…Respond wisely

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