Work is the best medicine Work even when free Don't be free And do work Work! work! work! Nothing more matters Work helps you To never feel shattered Happy reading Yours loving warrior Naina

Immediate reactions

Dil se nikle reactions  These are immediate reactions Dimag tak pahuche hote to aise na hote Bhadakte na hum bevajah Na hum bevajah rote Na bevajah yun gussa karte  Na yun bevajha tumse ladte Dil se nahin kaash dimag se  Ye reactions nikle hote Dimag kaas soch pata  Soch ke unhe rok paata Dil na … Continue reading Immediate reactions


Worst feeling of life~ "Seeing your parents growing older and you are helpless" चलना सिखाया था जिन्होंने कभी आज देख रही हूँ उनके कदम डगमगाते हुए , देखा है मैंने माँ - पिता को अचानक बदलते हुए । सामान को सलामत रखना सीखा था जिनसे..., आज देख रही हूँ उन्हें अपने चश्मे के लिए पूरा … Continue reading Helpless…!!!