The Hidden Treasure


While I was young, children would fight for playing games, would show off their toys and my case were filled with story books. The start of summer vacations were patiently waited so that I can bury myself in books and go on a voyage of my own. Years by years i cultivated this hobby with elan and admission to boarding school at 6th proved to be a turning point. With a large library at disposal, the school life certainly was heaven. So below is the poem dedicated to my first ever novel I read

The Treasure ISland

Fifteen men on a dead men chest
And a bottle of rum….
Chorus of an old pirate lore
With gaiety they’d sung
Long ago in my childhood
Jim Hawkins made a mark
There was long John silver
And a plot so dark
Along them I sailed
To mysterious island
The lovely trove of goodies
And beach full of sand
The hunt went for numerous days
Through much agony we went
The treasure still alluded
Neither a whiff nor scent
The treasure we did found
Concealed in a cave
And shared was the spoils
Equal among the braves
I too had my shares
Of that bountiful treasure
And out of it I gained
An euphoric mesmerizing pleasure
The joi de vivre it became
Also a portal to escape
From the loud cacophony
Mortal world often make
To unknown distant lands
I did buoyantly venture
Their culture and the people
Their customs I encountered
In midst of all humdrum
This gave me solace
And to my tortured soul
It’d often caress
To the first novel
Onto my hands i laid
As a tribute to it
These lines i have said
The joy of reading since
Has never once diminished
Although can’t spare much
Time , I had wished.
The thrill and suspense
And its sheer pleasure
Is what I call my
precious hidden treasure.

Perfect title and perfectly its explains your interest and definitely ‘precious”hidden’ ‘treasure’ is awesome! 

and I want to steal your treasure now😅 , I wish I was a Pirate!

Keep reading(not saying scribbling this time) Prankies!

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


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