How to speak nonsense?

We live in a world were 

Even sensibles won’t hear you 

When you speak sense

So come I will teach you to be non sense

Its easy 

You just need to focus on world around

Non sense can be eaily learnt

Its everywhere around

When next time you will face a defeat

You just need to say EVMs were wrong

Blame your opponents 

and create a breaking news strom😂

When next time you fail in an exam

Blame ‘reservation’ for it

And take an escape😎 one will notice

That there were also general seats

And somewhere your hard work was less

Take this escape and keep taking rest😅

When next time someone tries to do 

something innovative

Don’t support

You can do better go on internet and 

create trolls😂

They can make you laugh and feel light

A witty genius is your mind

Next time you see a friend more succesful

Be jealous and develop hatred

Once he was where you were

Tell others “He will fall soon”

In the sky there should be only one moon

Not many twinkling stars

Only you are a Rockstar😎

Do gossips

Discuss useless stuffs

Bitching will be also a good exercise

Your mind will slowly develop and

Work like a trolling machine for sure

I promise 

Then you will be heard

Becauase people hear

 what they relate most

And nonsense is easy to relate 

Sense is not

Try speaking to a friend 

about a page three contraversy 

or a viral video 

They will hear

But try something sensible

Like Global warming

They would say..

shut up ! you just didnt had enough sleep

However hard you will try to explain 

Even if you weep

Sensible speach won’t be heard 

Because we live in a world

Were people like to hear more

Beep(##&) …Beep…(#^/)

And not your sensible weeps.

Tit fot tat

Speak nonsense to this nonsense world…

Or else be silent and enjoy it😅

Because more options you don’t have.

Happy reading

Your loving warrior 


2 thoughts on “How to speak nonsense?

  1. Nonsense Portrayed sensibly

    And perfectly expressed the stupidity and escape of people from what they can’t….!!!

    Funny sarcasm with so many beeps for all those who laughed at you…. !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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