Tell me why ..????😱😱

When silence is best remedy

How can talkative people be pure from heart 


You cannot judge book with its cover miki..the person who seems to be talkative when with everyone, may be a silence lover,when alone..

and also their is other way of judging a talkative person .See talkative people speak almost what comes in his heart and mind directly,so in that way they are pure hearts , they don’t hide much …I am saying this because I have some talkative people who are my sweethearts in life.
However, when you judge people, don’t judge by their cover, their single quality or habit..

What I believe is when judging  someone..keep testing him/her.. don’t come to conclusion in movie barfi , barffi tested his friends always…true friends leave you never.

and one more thing when you judge people don’t assume things..only believe when you see things 100 percent… sometimes people are not at all the way they appear.

Happy scribbling miki

Happy reading readers.

and judging which is generally intrepreted as a bad quality is a good one , keep judging but sensibly and sweetly!

Judging teaches

Yours loving warrior 


10 thoughts on “Controversy…

  1. Dear miki,
    Well you people have already discussed the matter. Still, I’d like to say something.
    I agree with you both over interpretation and I can understand what u people mean but the sentences are basically in different context therefore uncomparble. First one talks about silence being remedy, not talking about person. It can be interpreted into two types one which naina says about introspection and other is keeping ur mouth shut when you are angry.
    Second is a direct comment on type of persons which you people have already discussed.

    Now as per your discussion adding one more thing about persons who talk too much is that some times they don’t people to know what exactly is going on their mind. They proclaim that they are an open book still what you actually know about them is only index.

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  2. Yup thanks naina …. Its like if speaking is good and somewhere symbolize Purity …. Why silence is considered best…. !!!!

    You can’t say who is silent aur talk less are cunning….!!! May be they are shy or find helpless in expressing views among all…..!!!

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