Controversy – 2

As Part-1 was beautifully propogated by Virus and discussed threadbare by her and warrior, lets brainstorm on another pair of idioms, whose meanings are exact opposite to each other.
So basically the game is to choose only one of them and give reason why:

Feather of a bird flock together


Opposite attracts each other


23 thoughts on “Controversy – 2

  1. A good detailed reply . Yes the common interests bind us and bring us together. An learning is a natural tendency kudos miki.
    It’s all about celebrating the similarities and respecting the differences

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  2. ☺Thanks for continuing the game… !!!
    Well selecting one 😐

    I would prefer to go with first one 😢

    “Feather of a bird flock together”πŸ˜‡

    We need something common to communicate to start

    Like us… We have common hobby .. So we can connect each other

    Making it more broad
    Whole world have common language to connect
    We have some common sources

    For starting we need atleast one thing common between us…

    Later on we find difference while sharing views and we started loving those difference because we learn new from it….!!! That’s why its quoted opposite attract… Because learning is natural human tendency….!!!
    But before seeing the difference we need atleast one thing in common … So that we can flock together and look out for difference together….!!!!

    As you both talked about acceptance …. I must say… You can never accept someone untill you don’t find any good quality in them… (Quality should be good in your eyes… Can be anything)

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  3. Well I have already a clear thought 4 this question..I have thought this many times..and this is my conclusion
    I like people with same feathers like mine and I also I am more attracted to exact opposites because they give me more new things and perspectives….bt then with which kind of people I actually end up with??? proverb1 or proverb2….I finally endup with those who “ACCEPT” me with same feather or as an opposite.

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    1. warrior basically both of us being similar there were more of truly said comments . With Miki throwing in challenge with defferent perspective the bog is surely going to be a hotspot.

      BTW you did not key in your response

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