We are hosteler..!!!

First time when we step here

We saw… We talk… We care…. We share..

Carring Smile on face and heart with fear… 

The journey begins as freshers here

Yeah we are hosteler in first year…..!!!

We live together in common room

Sharing everything with a bloom

Having in common, from snacks to fume 

Asking eachother you are loving whom.?

Yeah we turned to roomie here…. 

We came close started Living together

Late night gossips of senior and professor

The maggi is our partner in hunger

Reminding of crush and pulling leg of each other

now you can say we are in 2nd year…….

Exchange of money and thoughts

Sharing of bed and clothes

Sadness turned to happiness where

From roomie we became family here… 

And now We reach to our 3rd year.,…

When things go down and nothing is clear 

My roommate came and sit near

Soothing presence of her make everything cheer

A family without blood relation exists our near

Yeas you can say we are in final year…..

projects submission and assignment create a fear

Above all terror of placement is there

We deal with, eyes open and closed ear

For us Parties always act as refresher

We proudly say yeah “we are hosteler….”

Taking sweet memories from here

Having confidence in face and eyes filled with tear

Bidding good bye with farewell here

And we step out in the Competitive world there…

While leaving We sadly say “we are hosteler…!!”


Perfect reminds all 4 hostel years , jouney from new comer to junior to senior.

Well expressed miki

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Your loving warrior


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