My world of freedom

If I was to rule the world 

I would have never ruled

I would have let everyone free

because a free heart is where dwells he

He who corrects you and never 

allows you to do wrong and do faults

God ,consciousness,inner voice he is called

If I was to rule the world

I would have freed everyone 

and made no rules

Made rules always find way 

to be broken by the one on whom you impose

self regulation comes when you liberate everyone at his dispose

So, if I was to rule this world

I would ask everyone to be free

free from personal and societal bondage

follow the heart and don’t be in any cage

however hard path your heart sees

and then my world will have

artists of free styles

No sympathy, No hostility

only empathetic and free people will live

and everyone will be fine

Even when conflict of interests will occur

My world will not see conspiracy and pulling back 

My world will see symbiosis and resonating curves

My this imagination 

if you can imagine

will lighten your nerves

If I was to rule this world

I would not rule at all

I would just teach

everyone to rule their world and be free

Peace and Peace 

I guess everywhere it will be.

Be free ✌

Be happy 😊

Make everyone happy👍

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


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