Differences between Girls and Boys Hostel…

Well the blog is getting serious and stuffy day by day and with nostalgia being kicking in a pall of gloom hovers now in our common room, I think it is time to lighten the mood a bit.So though an unoriginal piece, smartly copy pasted from some site, a skill which we engineers acquire during submission of our project assignments and presentations, the differences between girl and boy’s hostel is a delight to read as it atleast depicts the boys hostel perfectly. For girls hostel pics, young ladies here may report any devaitions.
Well even in boys hostel we had different sub categories w.r.t. washing clothes
Some were washerman types, washing bucketload of clothes and were so much dreaded as they’d devour whole tank of water for themselves. And on the extreme end lied a different species altogether who can be ambassador for use and throw products for the they never repeated clothes albeit they used it for months till the clothes are rendered unusable. And somewhere between lied the persons like me, too lazy to wash , too miser to throw, so better use a washerman.

The way we mess around in messs. It certainly had most MESSmerizing moments, whether it was racing for the best spot so one gets better service, or eating 15 poories in a go with only aachars, or beating the roommate in a parantha eating competition where regardless of our stomachs praying for mercy, and still there were some of us who scoffed at the smell and were regarded as the patron of the flourishing coffee corners.

Well playing cards in our hostel never meant gambling as we were already short on cash for basic necessities and saturday nights always held such delight where the experienced dealers dealt infront of the PACKed house.



5 thoughts on “Differences between Girls and Boys Hostel…

  1. I think hostel rooms of boys and girls are same…. Not at all arranged
    Mess all around

    Just the difference is boys have bottles 🙆🙆🙌🙌🙌and girls have makeup kits ornaments ⛄⛄etc etc etc..

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