College days

It seems it’s becoming a hosteller week on the blog. Thanks miki for sharing your pleasant and lovely poem about hostels. So here is one of my own though written nearly a decade ago, I believe it’d still strike a chord with you all.

Poem i wrote on our farewell from college!!
It were days of august

Air filled with zeal

Vibrant was the nature

Which everyone could feel
 Loafing here and there

 Just fresh from the school

 Prospects of joining a college

 Was idea refreshingly cool
With lot of apprehensions

We moved into college

‘t was a transition

To an exciting new age


From innocence to bristling youth

 A shift so paradigm

 Pillars of new India

 With fantasies and whim
Day one of the college

Was mired with thoughts of ragging

The horrible, devilisque seniors

Left many faces sagging
 Those plain ‘funda’ shirts

 And oily champu hairs

 Jeans were out of question 

 And moustaches became so rare
Terrible black room in physics lab

& torturing chemistry titrations

Monstrous fitting and filthy moulding

Would left all in perspiration
 Marked with new friends

 They were new chapters

 Termed as the beginning

 By some one long after
Boring to the hilt

There were studious chaps

Also some ruffians 

& some were wise cracks.
Thus the gang was formed

With great pomp and show

Gossiping and partying 

With its new motto
Meanwhile cupid was ready

To shot down many of them

As a result of this battery

Many were left love stricken
Not many were lucky

For few hearts went to roast

However ‘lucky’ were more unlucky

For paying up the cost
And so, mobiles started ringing

At eleven ‘o clock

Out of their rooms all lovers

Would certainly flock
If there were lovers

There were heart breaks too

But like everything

They had new avenues
Coming of campuses

Was surely a great news

& after results

People were in different hues
Not every one was happy

But they learned to live

For there were some goals

They could still achieve
So there were some CATs

Remained to be belled

And also some GATEs

Which gotta be felled
And now comes the culmination

Of this lovely sojourn

Etched in heart for eternity

For it our heart will yearn
Could we forget those boring lectures

Where we would catch forty winks

Bunking classes regularly

With grief my heart sinks
Those fantastic movies

Together we have seen

Would not have been so

Had we, the gang, never been
Were given such nicknames

To which we solemnly refused

To hear them we’ll yearn

Coz to them our ears are used
On hearing those names

In streets, we’d turn

Just to be dismayed

For there‘ll be none
How swiftly time flies

We’d sometime wonder

And thus remembering those

Our heart will go sunder
A journey of four years

Looks short, although so long

Incidentally like my poem

I afraid to be my swan song
I hope, in near future

To skies, your career will soar

And we’ll meet again 

Till then, AU REVOUIR


Really a nostalgic week💕

Awesome one prankies..sums up entire college experience with small small emotions👍👏👏

Happy reading readers

yours loving warrior 


6 thoughts on “College days

  1. thanks for mentioning prankies

    And explained so beautifuly from tip to toe…. Each and every memory just rewind and play … Rewind and play….!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks a lot miki. I started writing that poem just for fun. Rhyming sentences and teasing friends but in the fag end of the poem I wrote with heart. So last few paras are very special for me

      Liked by 2 people

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