My world of freedom

If I was to rule the world  I would have never ruled I would have let everyone free because a free heart is where dwells he He who corrects you and never  allows you to do wrong and do faults God ,consciousness,inner voice he is called If I was to rule the world I would … Continue reading My world of freedom


चलती रही मैं फिर रुक कर बैठी रही मैं तब थकान का एहसास हुआ मुझे थोड़ी सी परेशान हुई मैं फिर समझ आया चलना ही आसान था  रुक कर बेवजह ही परेशान हुई मैं Keep moving, tiredness is only felt when you stop. Happy reading Yours loving warrior Naina

Differences between Girls and Boys Hostel…

Well the blog is getting serious and stuffy day by day and with nostalgia being kicking in a pall of gloom hovers now in our common room, I think it is time to lighten the mood a bit.So though an unoriginal piece, smartly copy pasted from some site, a skill which we engineers acquire during … Continue reading Differences between Girls and Boys Hostel…

We are hosteler..!!!

First time when we step here We saw... We talk... We care.... We share.. Carring Smile on face and heart with fear...  The journey begins as freshers here Yeah we are hosteler in first year.....!!! We live together in common room Sharing everything with a bloom Having in common, from snacks to fume  Asking eachother … Continue reading We are hosteler..!!!