Our names rhyme

We are two buterflies
Yes! those naughty ones
which knocks your stomach sometimes
We are our parents’ two eyes
Yes! those which trusts and never lies
and still we contrastingly shine
like sun and moon in sky
Which is better,can you choose?
Don’t try, you will get confused
We have got same hues
just different designs
but our names perfectly rhyme
Naina Neha,Neha Naina
don’t they sound one
both are equally stunning
and we are not two 
actually one
Two times we live same age
when she grows my memories rewinds
Mother brother friend and enemy
all roles Naina in Neha 
and Neha in Naina finds
two body, two hearts, two minds
but in same soul they reside
sometimes ego and enmity 
find their way
but hardly a day or two they stay
Today is the day
when angel was brought in Naina’s life
How do I express more
a 4 year old became elder this same day
and she today becomes elder oncemore
Lots of love for you duggu 
jiji’s heart stores

Happy birthday Duggu!

Yours loving sister


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