Equals to =

We are in society where everything equals to ….. Didn’t get….!!! Just read more

Beautiful = fair color

Smart = good English

Education = govt job

Respect = money

Happiness = jealousy 

Success = pulling down

House = materialistic

Help = put some one in trouble then act like they are helping

Friends = selfish

Relations = just for name sake 

= full of conditions

Marriage = business deal

Attachment = ?? Does this exists?

my question to all scribblers….!!!

Let me know your views in the comment section below ….

And also tell me…. what should all these be actually equals to in reality or i can say in your views ….??

Thanks and your love..


beautiful =fair heart which always does justice

Smart = good understanding (one which understands meaning between lines which understands meaning of hmmm also). Language hardly is a matter to one who knows to speak heart.

Education= rationality,ability to question everything and understand logics behind with open mind.(some parents get educated withouth formally going to schools..just by sending their kids to school)

Respect = responsibility , I guess one who properly fulfils his/her responsibility , no matter how small was it, deserves respect.

Happiness = Smile, and it can come even when you fail and your friend becomes a topper..only can happen if ego doesn’t comes in your relations and if no ego,jealousy can’t.

Success = never leaving work. A successful person celebrate his battle victory and then go back to fight other.

House = family(even 2 people can make a home),no material required. only one ingredient required i.e. infinite trust.even when a family member commits a crime..others say ok no problem just accept it..we are with you even in your crime and we love you still the same..come lets find way how to come out of this.

Help = Do and forget. One who helps should not remember it anf boast of what he did..if he was really nice,the one he helped will be greatful and even if that person he helped forgets, don’t worry your good deeds will be with you..when you will be in trouble some helping hand will come.

Friends = comfortablity , They will not make you feel alien, they will not judge you, be frank to you , and accept you in all cases with same coziness.

Love = conditionless and expectationless. Just bliss and no conditions…only warmth.

Marriage = Completes you and complements you. Both partners may be contrasting but will be complementing , will fill each other’s gap.

Attachment = Yes it exists, doesn’t requires frequent meetings and talks but even after long break you meet or chat understanding and bond remain exactly same.

Miki your sarcasm made me write this long paragraphs in the morning.

This is perfect post if someone wants introspection. 

All the readers and scribblers try answer this in comment, I gaurantee , you will have great time writing more happiness than that you found reading, Trust me!

Keep bringing this awesome stuffs miki.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


28 thoughts on “Equals to =

  1. Well thanks for your views….!!! Best among all is F1 😀😀

    And yeah… Feeling happy that all are so positive for life…..!!!

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  2. A very thoughtful question you have raised miki, and various positive responses you have Recieved as comments signifies that people atleast know how life should be lived, whether they live it like that or not is a different debate altogether.
    So, I too agree with most of the thoughts presented here and posting few of my own

    Beautiful : one that delights you,

    Smart : one who can apply theoretical knowledge in real life, basically one who can get things done

    Education : Sensible. If one behaves like a Savage even in trying conditions, then years of toil, burning midnight oil becomes waste

    Respect : one that has to be earned by giving

    Happiness : to feel buoyed

    Success : pushing our limits

    Help : F1 😂😜 sorry for the pj but couldn’t control. Completely agree with warrior on this help to forget. Help equals to investment. You don’t need to keep books, the almighty keeps a record of all debit and credit

    House : yes it is materialistic but still the basic necessity, and I’m not talking about home

    Love, marriage and friendship: copy and paste warrior’s comment


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  3. tea biscuits became more tasty today!
    Are my views correct…correct me if anywhere I am wrong.
    and success is what you are doing..This words means to me..Thanks!
    and if this were views not sarcasm..I thought u were just writing sarcastic …and this are nkt ur views, I know you from childhood…If at all you think this way it is out of tough situation…your views are very positive! just keep patience and if at all negative you feel now…your positivity will return..I know u

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  4. Thanks naina…!!!! These are the views i want to know… Thats why i left a question in mind

    Smart and education is very nice… And success is what you are actually doing….!! Hope you get…!!!

    Sorry it happened with your tea and biscuits….!!!

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  5. According to me,
    Beautiful =its not about how u look its about how ur heart and mentality is…
    Success = is when u make ur haters to appreciate about u and make them realise they were wrong
    Help = help the person who really need helps either we know them or not sometimes people act to gain simphathy
    Friends = they are beautiful gift given by god and ur true friend will not show off like others he cares silently so try to understand who is ur true friend
    Love = love ur parents gf and bf all bulshit
    Marriage = marriage is not a business dear… its very difficult part of life… parents try there bst to find ur lyf partner
    Change ur mentality virus miki u need to work a lot on urself…. your mentality is on wrong way…….

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    1. And now i got to know what i wanted actully

      Thanks manmeet, for your valuable time and efforts…

      Very beautiful explained…!!!!

      Let see whats gonna happen with me…. But

      Best among all is beautiful…!!!

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  6. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsAccording to me,
    Beautiful = knowledgeable(not educated) person
    Success = living each moment of life
    Help = helping others silently ( don’t show off)
    Friends = they will teach things which parents can’t😉😉( i guess ,u know what I mean)

    Love = care to our loveones at each instant
    Marriage =beyond my imagination😂😂😂
    Relations= make relation with them , who are with u in ur hard times( it doesn’t Matter whether they are 5 or 6)

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    1. Thanks….!!! For giving valuable time and response….!!!
      Want more positive person like you to change this negative thoughts….!!!!

      Well among all your views SUCCESS is the best for me…
      Like your positive attitude towards life….!!!

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