Taare do aazad the

Ab taare do aazad the

badle hue unke jasbaat the

chamak rahe the aasmaan mein

qki tootna unke haath mein nahin tha

aakrosh dono mein jada tha

kasur dono ka adha adha tha

alag ho ke bhi jud rahe the

pyar se nahin is baar nafarat se 

muh mod kar bhi 

ek dusre se jud rahe the

do taare ab aazad the

nafrat se asman mein bikher 

rahe fariyaad the

chahte nafrat mein bhi 

ek dusre ki khusiyaa 

jyada the

Par kya karta aasman bhi 

fariyaad thukrata raha

wo chand bhi kya inki madat karta

jo khud aaj aadha tha

do taare aazad the

badle hue unke jasbaat the

asman mein bikher rahe fariyaad the

One fariyaad(wish) for my readers also…May you guys get a good sleep  today…have a great peaceful night if dreams don’t come to your sight!

Sleep well!

Happy reading readers!

yours loving warrior 


6 thoughts on “Taare do aazad the

  1. Chahte nafrat mein bhi ek dusre ki khusiyan jyada the

    This line of your poem sums up everything

    For true love never cease to exist. Even if love Hates it hates with love.

    Liked by 1 person

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