My Mom

Mom you are my inspiration,
Nobody is like you in this world,
You are my god,
You gave me this world to survive,
If you were not here,
Then how would I have enjoyed the life,
You are the first teacher,
To teach me about manners,
Whenever I fall you support me like a ladder,
You only gave me breath,
You only gave me heart,
You gave me all my body parts,
You are like a sun,
Always giving me ray of hope in the darkness,
Mom your heart is like ocean full of emotions,
Always take care about other,
But never bothered about your own self,
Mom for me you are like an Oscar winner,
Plays different role in single life,
The role of daughter,
The role of wife

By – Mr Passionate

Welcome Mr. Passionate!

I like people who live their passion because mostly I have seen people leaving their passions for some or other cause.

Coming to your poem.Its so sweet,well describes your bond with your mom.

Especially the last line its awesome, your acceptance that she plays different roles✌💕

Keep scribbling Mr. Passionate (Kumar kaustubh)

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


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