बस अब सफाई न देनी है ना लेनी है।

सवाल बहुत हुए जवाब भी कई बार दिए बस अब नही कुछ देना है सफाई अब नहीं दूँ इतनी शक्ति देना भगवान  तुम्ही हो बस अपने मुझे तुम संग बस अब रहना है । Happy reading yours loving warrior  Naina

My Mom

Mom you are my inspiration, Nobody is like you in this world, You are my god, You gave me this world to survive, If you were not here, Then how would I have enjoyed the life, You are the first teacher, To teach me about manners, Whenever I fall you support me like a ladder, … Continue reading My Mom

“Crown” pride of princess and queens (Hobbyist scribble DIY-1)

Photo courtsey : virus_miki Hey friends Today no articles by me but its a DIY. Hope it will be helpful. Please comment if you like it and also suggestions if any,most welcome Lets get started.. Materials required : You require an aluminium round ring according to ur size of ur head, green flower tape, beats … Continue reading “Crown” pride of princess and queens (Hobbyist scribble DIY-1)

Stand happily in middle spine

Between two streams  I stood once Both streams were equally good So I was confused Which one to choose  This confusion made me  Frustrated Before I could sail to any  I was depressed and irritated Then somehow I managed to decide I didn't choose any I decided to stand happily In that middle spine Why … Continue reading Stand happily in middle spine