Take my good luck and go!

Somewhere hiding in your collar

Or your tie knot

Somewhere in 

those stiff ironed white shirt

Or in your shoes shine

Or in your black coat or that wristwatch

Or in your cuflin of shirt

Take my good luck words

They will clap when

you will perform well

And catch you,when your heart 

Will pump high

If at all you will fear or shy

They will ensure you remain high

I cannot go with you

But please take my goodluck and go

May best day of your life you that day ensure

From my hearts store

I am sending my goodluck 3 days before

Success you will get for sure.

All the best!

Happy reading

Keep spreading love

Remain lucky and keep spreading love

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “Take my good luck and go!

  1. A stupendous effort dear

    You have wished the good luck in a perfect way. And when you say I cannot go with you but take me good luck you, you put out all your heart in wishing for luck.

    Though people find it sometimes it superstition still I know good luck works
    Because it is heart felt prayer to god for your success and combined with the hard work it works wonder.

    Liked by 1 person

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