Love again..!?¿¿

Starting with name Moving towards friendship

Going hands on hand, Turning into relationship

Many people came across

But he was the one who touched my heart…💝

Never knew my dream man will be here 

But a bad thought of society fear 👽

Leaving the society i chase my dream

But my fate came in between😩😩

I decided to continue by staying single

But my family wants me to get mingle😐😐

Holding someone else hand gives a lot of pain

I can’t love once again….


Painful it sounds

May be more painful it might be

But your first rhyme comes out to be awesome really!

Whatever you choose its not always on you, many important stakeholders are ofcourse involved.

But if you leave your heart open, and allow to move with what God ‘s will is, problems won’t remain problem,it will be solved.

Pain will go and may be newer hand gives happiness… something you would have not imagined only.

Mingled or single..he/she who chooses to be happy will remain happy and never lonely.

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


5 thoughts on “Love again..!?¿¿

  1. I liked the question mark. Nice concept. Once getting out of one relationship, its hard to quickly jump on other, trusting and loving again. But time has healing powers and there are so many wonderful people out there who can treat you the way you deserve to be, even better than the previous one. Just let them touch your heart and love again. 🙂

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