Take my good luck and go!

Somewhere hiding in your collar Or your tie knot Somewhere in  those stiff ironed white shirt Or in your shoes shine Or in your black coat or that wristwatch Or in your cuflin of shirt Take my good luck words They will clap when you will perform well And catch you,when your heart  Will pump … Continue reading Take my good luck and go!

Mr. Someone~3

S omeone I say him \(^o^)/ O mnipresent I feel him in me(^o^) M issing him I am still this moment (^^)/ E verwhere though easily.. I find him (^_^;) O fcourse I want to meet him^_^ N o matter with whatever looks he comes to me(_; E ntangled in his arms I want to … Continue reading Mr. Someone~3

Love again..!?¿¿

​ Starting with name Moving towards friendship Going hands on hand, Turning into relationship Many people came across But he was the one who touched my heart...💝 Never knew my dream man will be here  But a bad thought of society fear 👽 Leaving the society i chase my dream But my fate came in between😩😩 I … Continue reading Love again..!?¿¿