The Newspaper headline

Those few wisely selected

Impactful words

Used to summerise 

And make readers suprise

So interesting those are made

That catchs everyones eyes

It is like ribbon placed on gift box 

Selected from multiple drafts they write

The color those black bold letters create

Depends on the one who wrote them

And also on the who reads and interpret 

Its much like  with my  poetry’s fate

If someone reads and introspect

It is judged and impact varies widely

For instance take the rape headline

For somone for minutes 

At least some sympathy arise

For a working women fears it rise

For that mother of a daughter who was raped

Multiple emotions it creates

Envy, hatred,pain and also pride

For her daughter who faught and survived

And for the government 
It is just an another rape case

Why not seriousness for them it creates

The power of those limited words

Had that impact

That even a mistaken obituary headline

Made Alfred Nobel to think

Of Noble prize

Because the day he leaves the world

He didn’t wanted to be known

As a man who created

Weapon of mass destruction died

He was lucky to get to read his

Obituary before he died

Such impact made 

even that mistaken headline

Think how much impact 

Can create a properly placed headline

To those writers of headlines

I wish my poem makes more aware

That wisely they use their might

And to everyone else I would say

Be a aware citizen 

And pay heed to Newspaper headlines

If for reading entire story 

You cannot find enough time

Awareness is key to everything!

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior 


4 thoughts on “The Newspaper headline

  1. Newspaper headlines
    The one we get even before sun shines
    The topic is as close to my heart as it is yours, and you effectively reproduced the impact the headlines generate on the common people. Gulab kothari, founding chairman of Patrika group, in his book about journalism writes about the role and responsibilities of a newspaper as they are not only the chronicles of our times but their opinions also become the thoughts of the masses. So they must have a moral obligation to the countrymen and prevent themselves from falling in the abyss of sensational headlines.

    You covered every aspect of the headlines from Good to bad in quite a concise form doing justice to this wonderful topic.

    Thanks for such a lovely write up.

    Liked by 1 person

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