Tears only to him (and no one else because only he heals them all)

I give 

obedience to mom and dad

Care to sister and friends

And Dare and dedication to my dreams

And tears only to him (god)

And he gives strength in return

If problems he can’t solve

If too much I ask for

He sends me his messengers for sure

He atleast take my tears as gift

When everyone else shows sympathy

He shows perfect empathy

My tears he values 

And as if he make me swallow (all tears)

to everyone else hence my tears resists

He is why everything (pain and happiness) exists🤗

Keep spreading love !

Have a great day people

Yours loving warrior


6 thoughts on “Tears only to him (and no one else because only he heals them all)

  1. If you share with god… He will definitely either give you strength to fight.. Or he will come himself to help you….!!!

    But don’t feel down… You are good enough to do everything by yourself….!!

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  2. Astounding poem once again warrior. Tears to the God
    Warriors are known for their strength, not only physical but mental too. Rather as the levels up mental toughness matters much more than the physical strength, and a true warrior is one who conquer his./ her weaknesses.
    Speaking of weakness tears though a safety fuse, rather than you, would make your caring ones weak thus leading to an interference to provide solace when you need is the steely resolve to fight once again. So yes we give tears to god who in turn give us strength to conquer our weakness.
    It was a fabulous read dear. Keep us engrossed with your deftly written poems.

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    1. Ty🤗..and yes u expressed this which I missed..and ppl misunderstood this as a sad poem
      that tears to god because tears if you give to others it can make your caring ones weak..but God never gets weak instead he ll make you strong also..
      Correctly added to d Gap,👍👍👍

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