(Lyrics diary)Kaun tujhe from movie Ms dhoni #Love_confessions-3

​This is dedicated to the girl who has asked me do lyrics review for this song.

And she has specially asked me…didi do a “romantic review”😉

So, this extremely romantic one for you @ totally.twiterpatted (Nazia Islam)

Enjoy this romantic one and then go back to work,romance only with your computer and java🤣  chutku and don’t stare your colleagues hehe! Mommy’s order😛😊

Movie: Ms Dhoni

Singer: Palak Muchhal 

Music: Amaal Mallik 

Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

#Love confessions 3

He: so, what am I for you?


Tu aata hai seene mein

Jab jab saansein bharti hoon

you are my breathe ..reason for which I am alive, you are the one on whom I can meditate and increase my focus.

He : and are you my breathe too


Tere dil ki galiyon se 

Main har roz guzarti hoon 

No , though you have stolen mine,I am not your breathe, I am your blood because I want to roam in your every vessel and your every chamber of heart to spread my warmth to your ever corner.

He : hehe from where do you bring all this..my queen!

(She smiled)

She : I have more do I tell you hehe

He: bolo na sweetie pie


Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu

Main ret jaise udti hoon

You are like wind well directed and 

I am just the sand who rises in your direction.

He: so this means you love me right

She: I don’t know

Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega

main karti hoon

I wish if not me you get someone who loves you better than me because you deserve it.

However,I think I am sure of whoever is your soulmate, she won’t be able to give you this many adjectives as I have managed to give you right!

He : shut up! One day I will make you my life..I am optimistic 

She smiled

Ho ho….

She :  I watch you till that corner of that street till where my eyes can reach, even when you say goodbye and leave. Before that goodbye we had talked enough, nothing much left which my words could express but my eyes go to you and only to you it rests

Meri nazar ka safar

hi aake ruke

ko baaqi hai kya

tha jo keh chuke

He : Even I keep updated with your activity , your each move silently I watch. You may not be aware but I keep noticing you. 

Meri nigahein hai

nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya bekhabar

She: and  I  peep those eyes behind your specs and everytime I try to disclose those hidden secrets which you have kept to be be disclosed at perfect time.

Main tujhse hi chup chup kar

aankhen padhti hoon

I love you so beautifully and I wish who ever becomes your soulmate she loves you more than me.

Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega

main karti hoon

 She : From the day you have entered my life,somewhere in my dreams earlier unknowingly and now knowingly you reside, and my daydreams happens because of you and then I feel my time just flied and then I curse you Idiot go away from my mind.

Tu jo mujhe aa mila

hue sirphire

mein aate nahi

hain lamhe mere

 He : I rarely  smile and more rarely laugh and 90 percent of time you are the reason. Are you aware of my feelings dear?

Meri hansi tujhse

khushi tujhse

khabar kya beqadar

She : 

I don’t know but whenever you cancel our plan to go out and whenever you don’t message me,I get angry…I shout ! 

He : Arey! A friend came to meet me therefore I said to you don’t come.

She: huhh…why did you give my time to your friends…give them some other time..Only few minutes in a day I want that exclusive you and me time. 

Jis din tujhko na dekhun

pagal phirti hoon

tujhe yoon pyaar karega

main karti hoon

Ho ho….

And even your soulmate comes you dont have authority to decrease thatourtime

And I wish she loves you more than I did and I wish you be loved your entire lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed reading this extra sweet sugar rolled confessions.

Basically see confessions have their own power, sometime we ignore our heart and don’t allow it to make….and then you never know when things start becoming fake!

So, if for long you haven’t made any confession and it is somewhere dropped in your heart to your partner…go and make one after reading this! hope I have inspired you enough by now🤣😛 to romance!


Remain romantic and cheerful

However miserable it is , we have to enjoy this thing called LIFE

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior 


8 thoughts on “(Lyrics diary)Kaun tujhe from movie Ms dhoni #Love_confessions-3

  1. Fantastic job once again dear. I had lost my interests in Bollywood songs after creepy raps began to top charts and their ear deafening and tipsy tips got me freaked. Though few songs in recent years have brought hopes again that there are still songs which I can connect to and feel relaxed after listening them.
    This song is one of my favorite from recent movies and a wonderful recreation of the romantic events warrior. The song is a lovely one with a jovial mood and with her soothing voice the singer makes us to follow the lead and sing the song to our respective partners that kaun tujhe youn pyaar karega jaise main yeh karti./ karta hoon

    Liked by 1 person

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