Family without blood relation 

Journey from 1st year to final year…..!!!

1st YEAR

            My friend sun na muje bhuk lag ri hai to kya mai tere bag se kuch khane kaa le lu..

         Me ha na, le lena puch ku ri hai…☺ ☺


         Me- yr mai jo us din khane ka le k aai thi mil ni ra hai

        My friend- wo to khtm ho gaya… 😯 😯

1st YEAR

        My friend- tere pass blue jeanse hai naa… to wo muje degi kya, mai ghr me bhul gai hu apni.?

        Me- okay, lele 🙂 


       Me-yr meri wo blue jeans ni mil ri hai..👀

      My friend- are wo dekh to mere coubord me rkhi hui hai…😈😈

1st YEAR

      Me-sun na, muje deo de na mera khm ho gaya…

     My friend– ha le… ☺☺


     Meabe deo de

     My friend le le..,, tu hi pura laga k uda de, mai kya lagau…😍😍😜😜

1st YEAR

       My friend- Sun na aaj mai horror movie dekhi hu to tere saath tere bed pe so jau😥

       Me- ha na aaja….!!! ☺☺


       My friend- abe chl jaga de.. sone ka man hai aaj tere saath 😴😴

       Me- kaise aaj horror movie dekhe hai kya…???  😱😱

1st YEAR

         Me- mai kl ghr ja ri hu…. Bahut khush hu.. 😆😆

        My friend- okay, enjoy at home…😍😍


        Me- yr kl ghr jana hai… 😓

       My friend- chali ja meko yaha akele chord k 😎😏😏😏

1st YEAR

        Me and my FRIEND-  two months after of returning from home…

         ghr jane ka man ho ra  hai 😦 😦


          Me and my FRIEND two months remaining for leaving hostel….  

Yr ghr jane ka man ni ho ra hai..😢😥 


Well stated..miki

The difference first year to final year…between this difference the friendships exactly evolves as you stated…

Those relations become family and yes no blood relation required..

We have same food relation,using same building relation,using same hostel room relations,using same bags,using same jeans,using same deo and what not.

Those people are saviours , theifs , advisers,partners in crime, problem solvers …friends and foes both at times…we share worst to worth it experiences…and we know each other so well..

The bond is exactly same like we share with our siblings in home and hence hostel bond is above the day friends we had.
Yes you said it correct this is a family made without blood relation and one misses it every day after the day hostel ends.

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


9 thoughts on “Family without blood relation 

  1. 15 years, three hostels, three phases of life. All enamoured with numerous instances of sweet cute and charming friendships that still goes strong despite the communication barriers which life imposes once we move forward.
    And very truly you miki you have brought out the instances which might be downright funny for the non hostlers but quite a nostalgic one to guys like us. Your write up and the comments by warrior both were too much adorable that I read it thrice ( it’s not like I have an comprehension issue though 😜)
    Fantastic write up. Keep writing and keep us in amazement 👌

    Liked by 2 people

          1. And it is much more difficult for people like us to return but I have always believed in destiny. Plus for me my first priority will always be my family rather than my career

            Liked by 2 people

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