So Near Yet So Far

He ran not, but fly As in for his life
But at last moment and at last stride
He looked back for millionth of an hour
And yes, So near yet so far!
Yes that was Milkha Singh
Whose virtues we often sing
And also sigh on the fateful day
The one where medal ran away
So near and yet so far
Has also been my case so far
The goals were there just in sight
All I needed to push with all might
And at the spur I used to flounder
Why! Sometimes I wonder
Was I destined for a better thing
Or I was not good enough for fling
Whatever the reasons maybe
Got only that decided by THEE
Utopian, always had been my dreams
Surreal complexities It would often bring
I also accpeted His will
And to fate life did reel
Regrets I never had any
Though my mistakes have been many
Still at times in despair
Those moments somehow dare
And my fort Knox they do breach
And for a while it lays besieged
To heavy turmoil I am subjected
And would always be left dejected
Still I smile and reason myself
Had I been better with help ( God’s)
And prompt comes the reply ( From Inside)
God help those who help themselves


Your analogies milkha singh !

Oh my god ! What should I comment now

And what should I say about the paradox so near yet so far

All I can say is you take my heart,everytime I read you!

And that last line …it gives me a point to think and introspect like you always do!

And I always want to read you because its like reading future me.

Keep scribbling prankies

Happy reading readers 

Yours loving warrior 


2 thoughts on “So Near Yet So Far

  1. Every one have own time slot… Success kisses all… To some late and for some early… But touch of failure is essential for enjoying the love of success….!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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