“घर बनाने के लिए घर में रहना पड़ता है … बाहर रहने से सिर्फ झूठी बाहरी दुनिया बनती है.., अपने, रिश्ते और घर तो बिखर जाते है ।”


Welcome miki!

Congrats for your awesome first post..however I feel title should be 


So,correct you are..this is a common tale from our generations, we are questioned when we prefer live in our own house with our own parents.

When someone chooses family over career he is mocked by everyone.

But he/she remains happy still and questions never affect them because they experience healing from home.

Well said dear

Vakai ghar banane ke liye ghar mein rehna padta hai.

Keep scribbling!

Lots of love to you and readers also

Yours loving warrior


5 thoughts on “Homesick 

  1. Welome Virus_ miki,

    Well said, however i beg to differ a little coz what we need is a mental and spiriual connect with the home and relations along with proper communication as residing together and harbouring negative feelings towards each other destroy relationships much often

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    1. So true… But how can you develop negative feelings for your own family members…!!

      What you said may be true as i have heard many times from many people… But my question to all those… अपने परिवार वालों के लिये कैसा बैर ?? माफ़ करो ख़ुश रहो । mistake is a natural tendency… Just forget them and see the bright side… Why don’t you start….!!??

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      1. Yeah I agree with you that it is difficult to imagine enimity among family members and it’s true that forgiving is essential to maintain the relationships. But the mental discipline required to forget and forgive is somewhat a scarcity nowadays

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