Being hosteler 

Best part of life is the teenage days. Teenage days are those days which give lots of memories some bitter and some sweet. A phase of life where we fight, receive nervousness, try new things, value friends more then to family, to some extent study, shift to hostels, bang classes, continue to exist on fast foods, give stress on relationships, realize the gist of life, understands the value of money, have the benefit of laziness, gets familiar to the change in likes and dislikes of oneself and the list includes lots more.  There crop up many changes from school to college. Other experiences could be witnessed over the episode of school life but the actual enjoyment of teenage arises when we shift from our homes to hostels. This is because we being in hostel gets a bit independent which we want from a time ago. School is place where we almost are with those who are of our kind means who exists from a society we are familiar with but dissimilarity with university or college is that here we get introduced with people of different society. So it can be said as college life brings many changes and enjoyments. Bigger change emerges while being in hostel. 

“Hostel” a place which is not actually the home but also not a place less the home. Home and hostel both the words start with the same letter which indicates similarities and the different meaning indicates dissimilarities. Home gives you the essence of love and hostel gives you the essence of togetherness. Talking about home creates smile on our face but while talking about hostel brings additional laughter to our faces. Moving from home to hostel brings tears to faces but also gives an impression of fun in mind. Home is place where we live with those who are familiar to us but in hostel we live to make people become familiar to us. Birthdays are celebrated at both the places with same enthusiasm but with different gestures. In home relatives and parents celebrate with pleasant gathering but in hostel friends celebrate with explosive birthday bombs. Food in home is eaten to bring smile to our tummy but in hostel we eat to full the stomach and then noodles turns to be the way to convert empty stomach into happy tummy.  

Both the places assure happy living which is the main and the biggest similarity between the two. We make memories in both the places which are a similarity but the difference is at home memories are derived with family and in hostel friends become the ingredient of memories. Both places accurse love which is the similarity but the difference here is of family and friends. Concluding this it could be said that hostel is a temporary phase of life which teaches as a lot and makes us someone which we have never thought of. Everyone must enjoy these phase with true friends. 

  • N_Angel (Neha Asawa)

Angel you wrote a true account of a hosteler,anyone ever been to this phase can relate to your every word.

And the analogy you made with home and hostel shows a heart which equally values both.

Keep enjoying hostel

Keep scribbling your heart

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


One thought on “Being hosteler 

  1. A well crafted article dear angel,

    Sorry for commenting so late but got busy in sundry things and this topic of your deserved much more than just a compliment. Hostels are the extension of the gurukul parampara we had in our civilization, a unique system designed to impart the prevalent form of education to all without any discriminatory practices with respect to stature in the society. Apart from education it enabled to forge a life long friendship and taught them to conduct themselves in society at large. Not only it is a phase where one enjoys the independence but also learns the need for societal bonds. The place where one understands one is not alone is this world and there are many like him/her , whether good or bad. Nor he is now apple of the eye like he is cared in his family. So, then he learns to adjust, he also start learning to have a keen eye for the human nature, for he now witness the human nature barebones. It is not only love but fights, greed, back bitching, insecurities, jealousy which surrounds the environment, but it also has the joy and vigour of camraderie which bounces above all the negative feelings and give you a shot for your happiness.
    Being in hostel for half of my life, making friends for eternity, helping each other in the toughest phase of the life, learning together, making fun , everyone securing his memories of own, I still smile alone remembering the phase.
    So, the more i write more nostalgic I’ll become so signing off here with congratulating you once again for your fab post.
    Keep writing

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