Why this change?

When I close my eyes Those staring eyes  which come infront of my eyes  has changed And then I immediately open my eyes And say it cannot happen And my heart says  Accept baby ! may be yes that change has happened Those ranges where my heartbeat was It has changed Character in my imagination … Continue reading Why this change?

I come from cozy her

I come from a cozy planet Where the eldest fairy With silver hairs and pink cheeks Gave me an upbringing  as delicate as  a cotton ball Before I could ever see a fall She used to close my eyes  With her wrinkled soft hands And she was my sweetest friend Then one day all of … Continue reading I come from cozy her


 "घर बनाने के लिए घर में रहना पड़ता है ... बाहर रहने से सिर्फ झूठी बाहरी दुनिया बनती है.., अपने, रिश्ते और घर तो बिखर जाते है ।"                                          -virus_miki Welcome miki! Congrats for your awesome … Continue reading Homesick 

Being hosteler 

Best part of life is the teenage days. Teenage days are those days which give lots of memories some bitter and some sweet. A phase of life where we fight, receive nervousness, try new things, value friends more then to family, to some extent study, shift to hostels, bang classes, continue to exist on fast … Continue reading Being hosteler 

How exactly should humans speak?

​ She had tried multiple times  To move her lips To twist the tounge And to create correct sounds But even her attempts created nothing  but wounds Mimicing,daily works she did like all but her uneasiness was growing with her thoughts growing tall But like blessing in disguise Essence of speaking She understood that fine … Continue reading How exactly should humans speak?

Why humans speak?

Humans speak to express their heart And to appreciate someone's art And to explain when hands can't fight And when gestures don't suffice And when eyes create confusions Only speaking can be lucid solution Speech can awake sleeping minds expressions unspoken If someone finds It can however even ignite negative sides If misunderstood is any … Continue reading Why humans speak?