The love songs -2

Few days when I posted the poem on tears I posted few lines of a ghazal by Saba Afghani. The mentioned ghazal sung by legendary Jagjit singh has been my long time favorite with all the couplets are perfect gem in theirselves.

गुलशन की फ़क़त फूलों से नहीं काँटों से भी ज़ीनत होती है

जीने के लिए इस में ग़म की भी ज़रुरत होती है

Extolling the virtue of sadness the poet nicely examplify with the garden. She says the garden may be known for its flower but thorns are of equal importance for the survival of plants and such is the case with life that sadness too is required to enjoy the happiness 

ए वाइज़-ए-नादान करता है तू एक खयामत का चर्चा

यहाँ रोज़ निगाहें मिलती हैं यहाँ रोज़ खयामत होती है

As per semintic theology my dear preacher you tell me about the day of doom

And I face doom every day when with my lover my eyes are met. The lines above though are self explaining still it can have two interpretations. One is of joy that when ever we meet I forget it all about the world except you. And other is of sadness that when I see you and the knowledge that I’m not going to get you ends the world for me.

वो पुर्सिश-ए-ग़म को आये हैं कुछ कह न सकूं छुप रह न सकूं

खामोश रहूँ तो मुश्किल है कह दूं तो शिक़ायत होती है

And again comes the couplet showing the irony in love. He asks me reason of my sadness, purshis means enquiry, can’t hide it but much more difficult to say, silence he ll not accept and if I say I’m missing you her may feel I’m complaining 

करना ही पड़ेगा ज़ब्त-ए-अलम पीने ही पड़ेंगे ये आंसू

फ़रियाद-ओ-फुगाँ से ए नादाँ तौहीन-ए-मोहब्बत होती है

It’s not love if it doesn’t gives you Strength to bear pain as crying and cribbing is unbecoming of love.

जो आके रुके दामन पे सबा वो अश्क़ नहीं हैं पानी है

जो आंसू न छलके आँखों से उस अश्क की क़ीमत होती है

Tears are valuable till they hide behind the eyelids, once they are out they are nothing but water.


Excellent work!

Those tough mysteries of gazal you have simplified for starters like me.

And all of them are awesome touching every lovers heart.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


2 thoughts on “The love songs -2

  1. Thanks warrior!!

    Ghazhals have always been thought to be a boring form of music by younger generations due to its slow music and difficult words. It’d be my pleasure if I can people enjoy these ghazals by elaborating their meaning.

    Liked by 1 person

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