The Confluence

Once upon a time,
Two rivers left their origin
Since then and till now
To various places they have been
Flowing High, drifting low
Through the mountains they had flowed
With youth and energy inside
They were naughty and quite wild
Crisscrossing the hills they jumped
With lots of adrenaline pumped
To the plains now they’d go
Silently now they have to flow
Undercurrent is still strong
That the reason why they throng
Less is gradient, wide is flow
Miles ahead they have to go
All alone, moving to the goal
Lot on banks, not near to soul
Forming the loops, eroding the sands
They then moved to uncharted lands
Hot, sweltering and intimidating desert
Passing through it took a lot of effort
Flowing through sadness and gloom
Still they made desert to bloom
Till now they were wide apart
Playing along their destined part
Coming from desert they were frail
Out of this how they’d bail
But then they took a sudden turn
Two they were , will now be one
After all confusion and nuisance
Now there will be confluence.


Confluence is always interesting

And if with correct intention 

And with caring for surrounding

They confluence

It will create wonder

The two rivers have bloomed deserts

They have potential to create wonders

But if they again decide to not confluence and

Go With the banks 

they had encountered though not near to their souls

They can still peacefully live consoled

Blessed be the two rivers

And Blessing everyone else 

hope they will continue to wander.

Happy reading readers!

Your loving warrior 


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